Do try this, if you just love sweet and salty together.

This wasn’t by accident that I found this combination, no… we have guests in the Bed and Breakfast staying with us from Thailand who showed us this yummy snack. Our Superstore in Charlottetown is carrying  a lot more ethnic food these days and so it was easy to pick these three items off the shelf, but a little tricky to find them.

Three good combinations come together as one

Pitted Honey Dates, “so sweet”

PC brand Masala Hummus, “so smooth”

Blue Diamond Pecan Rice Crackers, “so good”

I call this, “An Ant on a rubber raft”

Yes the taste, it’s so yummy

The proof it’s yummy

I’m not sure, perhaps I’ll have to do that again!

Do you have a favourite snack? One that is salty and sweet together, if so do you want to share it with me? I sure hope so.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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