Happy Thanksgiving



From my home to yours wishing you blessings on this day. Fresh Thyme from the garden roasting in the oven.

In the news last night I heard of a family in Ottawa celebrating a Thanksgiving meal with newcomers, what a wonderful idea.  In years past at the Bed and Breakfast we have always had guests in at Thanksgiving time and invited them to our dinner.  This year we have 8 in from Nova Scotia but only staying one night so they will be leaving this morning.  We might have been having a rather large get-together.

A late call came in last night after mid-night and I woke but didn’t recognize the number.  I didn’t take the call but kept waking up to thinking if someone was calling late for a room.   Early this morning I called the number back just as a courtesy call and also wondering why someone would be calling so late. Turns out buddy was out drinking and  he was calling to let me know he got home alright last night.  Even though I woke him early he still let me know he got home ok, and I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving and he returned the gesture. 

Memory… “The turkey’s on the table, dedalett-de-de.” My brother’s favourite song at this time of year.



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