Welcome friends into my garden this morning and into what we all have been waiting for, some sun.  I just couldn’t resist the shadows in this early morning sun.  You will have to look hard to find the ant as his shadow isn’t very big.

The side garden has a few chair shadows

chair shadow









River Rock Shadows

river rock shadows









Pot Shadows

pot shadows









Mr. Slug Shadows

Mr. Slug Shadows









Bird House Shadows

bird house shadows









Ant Shadows

ant shadows








Tree Shadows

Tree Shadows









Inside we have Braxton Shadows

Braxton Shadows









One of my favourite… Sea Glass Shadows

Sea Glass Shadows









Perhaps today will be a workshop day

After many days of rainy dull weather the sun was more than welcome to shine. Thank you for stopping by my shadows today, I hope you enjoyed.

x0 cindy

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