ReLax and ReJuvenate are words used in our Bed and Breakfast.  ReCycle and ReStore is what  this Frugal Grandma does best. Today I visited an Island store “ReStore” that does a great deal for the community through the items they bring in, selling, to make money to buy building material to build houses for their community, Habitat for Humanity.

On my last visit to the restore I purchased two things

A new table for Grandma’s Tea Room

 a table for the tea room

And a $2.00 lamp that needed a lot of help

 a lamp for a craft project

This is what happened to the lamp

project day one

It’s been two days taking the glue off the hoop, hang tight, it will all be worth the wait in the long run.  I can’t wait to show you what I have done with this ReStore lamp besides pull it all apart.

Thanks for dropping by my post on  ReStore PEI & ReUse I almost can’t wait to see the lamp finished can you?

~ cindy

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