This time of year can be a busy one in the yard and garden with all the birds and the bees.  Getting ready for the upcoming tourism season at the Bed and Breakfast as well keeping an eye on Wilson for muggles, muggles? yes muggles. 

First, let me wish all my friends, mother’s old and new a Happy Mother’s Day

I picked these just for you!

I got a child’s book for Mother’s Day, yes left me wondering also until I opened it and on the inside cover read, “Happy Mother’s Day, please read me this book when I come visit you in January.” Love baby MacLeod.

What wonderful news after such an anxious week we have had with Matthew.  He has come along way after his motorcycle accident, he is walking without the brace today and the swelling has started to come down. 

Speaking of babies, we found ourselves

peeking in on guests in the garden.

The Blue Jays have been busy hiding peanuts like a Squirrel

Guess what else is ready right now?

Asparagus, yes and plenty to go around.

I feel the hurrier I go the be-hinder I get, funny mom use to say that.

I find myself picking at one job or another and not getting anything fully accomplished.   Have you been there? You know what I mean? Your intentions are good, your day is before you and after that cup of coffee you return to the washing machine that took you an hour to get to earlier because you stopped and did 6 odd jobs along the way only to find you left the lid open, and the washing isn’t done?

Well I have a front end loader but I’m still not getting much accomplished these days, lol. 

Happy Mother’s Day, I’m taking the rest of the day off,

Smile, Cindy

P.S. Wilson is our rather large hidden geocache in our back yard that gets a lot of company off the Confederation Trail.  




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