Grandpa and I are still away from home on a Sea Glass vacation and today we took a bit of time away from the beach to enjoy the Fall Leaves and Colours. 


This sea glass vacation has taken us to Nova Scotia and to the many no exit roads that have water at the other end. Today I found a beautiful piece of fire glass. Fire glass is glass that was in a bonfire and has melted at a high temperature and sometimes it fuses to other pieces other times it has ash and sand in it. This gem of a piece is clean, with bubbles and good enough to wire wrap.



After beachcombing for about 2 hours this morning we decided to take a drive through the country side and look at the wonderful Fall Leaves and Colours.  (click on the picture to enlarge)


                  The                                     Colour of 






                       Fall                                          in






                        Nova                                        Scotia







I was right, the colours are amazing aren’t they? Are your leaves changing colour yet? I downsized the photos so be sure to click on them to enlarge and enjoy. The last one is my favourite it is post card quality.


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