Just a beautiful morning here in Prince Edward Island



Sorry about taking the picture through the window this am, but I only had my house shoes on and I didn’t want to shoo away the birds at the feeder.  As it turned out they flew away just before shooting.

However I was able to capture this in the backyard, “no I didn’t capture her I just shot her.” 



Isn’t she just beautiful?  I watched her pounce and capture two moles that were about to eat my spring bulbs and this little red fox was out on the hunt probably taking food back to her young-ens.

You would think I was in the middle of the forest with all the wildlife we have back here.

Here she is after setting down one mole to go hunt for another, smart cookie.


“COOKIES”  Oh my gosh I hope they haven’t burnt,

Got to run hope you had fun….

xo  Cindy


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