The A-Z of Christmas ~ S

Welcome to the 7th day before Christmas.  Only 7 days or 7 sleeps like I would tell the kids when they were young. Yesterday it was around about low tide and Grandpa started to get the sea glass itch.  So we loaded M’J and Braxton (pups) into the car and off we went.  Believe me it was a little chilly but by 2:30 there wasn’t any wind and it was perfect on the ocean.  I took my camera yes and took pictures, but this is about my Christmas S…not sea glass.

letter s~ Santa Claus

~ Story book

~ Souris

~ Snowman

~ Sea Glass



~Santa Claus

Santa ClausSanta Claus, who is also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and Santa.  He is a rather jolly, spirited old Elf who wears a red suit pants and hat with white trim.  Some people have said he is a figure with a folkloric tradition who has a sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer and brings gifts to good children only when they sleep and on the eve of Christmas. You can believe the some people or you can listen to me right now, “I have met him and he is the real thing.” Perhaps he is folkloric only to the stuffy, don’t want to have any fun people.

~ Story Book

Twas the night beforeIt was a story book memory to read “Twas the Night Before Chirstmas.” Each year the papercovered book was put away with the Christmas decorations and it was always read to the kids on Christmas Eve and just became one of those have to do things. I’m sure I knew the story off the top of my head and I tried that one time each time I turned the page I told the story. I remember getting to one part in the book just before Santa left the building and put a finger beside his nose I had got the story wrong and Matthew looks up at me and says,”thats not how it goes.” 

~ Souris

Is one of my favourite spots to go beachcombing and it is located at the East end of Route 2.  The car Ferry to Iles de la Madeleine leaves from Souris.  The beaches are long and sandy, the town is unique and as you come into Souris there is a pull off perfect for a picnic and stroll on the beach.  

~ Snowman

B&B snowmanEach year around about the first snow fall everyone has one of these on the front lawns.  Lucky you were if you raked all the leaves and your snowman was made of snow and not a leaf man.






~ Sea Glass

bag of sea glassYou didn’t think I was going to let S go by and not talk about Sea Glass did you? Come on! I just mentioned my favourite spot to beachcomb, so it would be only right that I mention my favourite pastime.  Sea Glass is what it is: shards of glass washed onto the shores that has been tumbled by the ocean, back and forth over rocks giving it a rounded smooth surface with no jagged edges.  I have a gift shop here on Prince Edward Island and it was all about Anne of Green Gables and Scrapbooking but over the last 5 years I have been adding sea glass to my showcase.  I have always wanted to have a spot where I didn’t work, I was able to take off my hat, put down my apron and just have fun.  I have found that spot, come and have a look over at my blog that is only going to talk about the hours before and after work, click on blog see what I’m talking about and then be the very first to comment. I’ll always be here at  Hats ‘n Hospitalitea because you need me to come to work but it will be about what it was intended for. Finally I feel organized now to get in some shop time.

The S of Christmas, how exciting was that? It was wonderful that you stopped by and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow with my T of Christmas.  Have the very best and enjoy your day!

Till tomorrow…. I’ll be thinking about a T ~ Cindy

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