Here we are 9  days before Christmas.  Q ah?  That is a tough one.  While I’m thinking I just wanted to say yesterday our day off was great it allowed us the day to take in lunch with a few friends at the Old Dublin Pub and as the other times we were there a blizzard started out of nowhere.  Our friends, a pair of beachcombing nuts like us, enthusiasts would be better. They shared a nice piece of blue sea glass that is going to be drilled today and made into a pendant.  I’m going to Google for some help with Q.

letter q~ Queen’s Christmas Message

~ Quirky Memories



Queen Elizabeth 1957~Queen’s Christmas Message

I found the first televised Christmas message from the Queen in 1957.  The Christmas message was started by The Queen’s grandfather, King George V. King George had reigned since 1910, but it was not until 1932 that he delivered his first Christmas message by radio.

5 generations~ Quirky memories 

These ladies are all related to me as quirky as this sounds the picture is from 1957 and is of my aunt, grandmother, great grandmother and the one on the far left is my great great.  One quirky memory I have young is watching the Queen’s Christmas Message on the tv.  Dad was a Television Repair man by profession and I remembered going on many calls with him and I got to sit and hold the mirror in front of the television while he adjusted the picture for vertical or horizontal so the black and white picture stopped rolling. tv repair crest This  crest is off of his shirt coat from the days he would go on calls, I can remember the jacket and the orange tv tube box he carried that had an assortment of tubes as replacement tubes for the televisions.  I miss my dad and I think after the holidays I need to go and see him while he is still alive.  Living far apart is hard at this time of year.  Thank you Sharon for helping me with this special memory.

Thank you for stopping by my Q of Christmas, I really pulled this one off and just in time. I hope to see you tomorrow with my R of Christmas.  Make the very best of your day. 

Till tomorrow…. I’ll be thinking about a R ~ Cindy

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