After a year of planning, preparation and worry the day arrived without a hitch,

Presenting Mr and Mrs MacLeod



The wedding took place in the back field overlooking their farm and rolling hills. We all parked along a red clay road and enjoyed a wagon ride to the wedding.  Victoria arrived in this old DeSoto and every window was filled with flower bunches as the brides maids had hidden Victoria with their bouquets.

If you look on the left of this photo you can see a field with trees around it. This is the spot they were married. This is my grand-daughter Ana trying to get Dewar’s attention because she wants on the tractor with him.




So here is the picture I’ve been asked for.  This is me so proud watching Victoria come down the isle.  Yes,  I have to admit being mother of the bride has its moments, like pressed on nails, early breakfasts, pulled through an up-do and face painting the morning of, all that took us racing into the afternoon all of a sudden to be to the wedding on time.  Dewar had mentioned in not so many words that non of us had better be late or he might not be standing up front when we get there.  So Victoria was keeping us on a tight schedule the day of.


Watching Victoria being walked down the Isle



xox Proud Mother of the bride


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