It’s a special day when you have the opportunity to celebrate 5 girls birthdays all on the same day.

We spent the day on Saturday making hats for our party while mommy was at work.

The girls make party hats for the big day

shells, seeds, sea glass, and paper when into making these hats

We finished all 5 party hats

Then on Sunday it was the party day.  We  had cake, ate tacos, and played with our loot bag findings.

Makayla enjoying her taco

Time for cake

Happy Birthday Cake

We all got a set of teeth in our loot bags and changed them out for our own, have a look.

Looks like Makayla drank all the pink out with her teeth still in and had a spill

Annie got a new set of teeth in her loot bag

Grandma got a set also

It was a fine day and a good party celebration and Emily spent the next two days still in the party mood.

"Ah cuutte"

Then Monday it was back to the chopping block, back to school, back to work, back to the routine.

Mommy and her hat

Thanks for stopping by our party.



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