I’m guessing, that there is only 10 days out of the year I get to sleep in. This always happens just before the time changes for daylight savings time, the mornings are darker and I can sleep. For your information those few 10 days started this morning just before my daughter said, “hello mom, what! are you sleeping? I thought you’d be up by now, I need!.”  My idea of sleeping in is 7:30 or 8am, but not today no the phone rang off the hook, in need of a grandsitter. 


For the future and FYI, tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in and every day up until November 4 when the time changes. 

These buildings are about 12 feet high, and only 2 feet wide. The windows and doors are painted with real hinges and door handles. The lower windows hold maps and area information. This is just sitting on the side of the road in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, neat ah?

Got to go, grandma is on duty.

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