Some people are all about purses and shoes. Not me! I’m all about dishes and place mats.

Well this week I got new serving dishes and these are the best kind, recycled dishes.  My brother and his family were here for a shoooooooorrrrttttt visit -sob- and Sharon brought me some new serving  dishes. Two plates are from her mom and one the Chinese plate is from my mom’s cupboard.

I love the pink rose

This plate shows off squares nicely I got to try them both out at a high tea on Saturday serving 18.

This was mom’s plate. Sharon said mom had two in the cupboard, so Sharon kept one and gave me the other, wasn’t that nice.  It is different and we both know mom very well and a special person had to have given her these plates as mom was a Petite Fleur  sort of gal and this wasn’t her style, but it is ours now.  I’ll think of Sharon each time I see this plate now.

Got to run, guests are here for breakfast.  Then start baking squares for my red hat ladies tomorrow, they are coming for a tea party.



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