Sometimes a little bit of life’s surprises can go along way and other times they are short lived.

budding Christmas cactusHere is a little surprise I found while making my morning coffee, yup in full bloom is my Christmas cactus. I figure come Christmas time the little buds will all be gone but it was a surprise today.






Other surprises just jump up and catch you when you least expect it, here is one that comes to mind.

Ring, ring goes the phone.

Me, “Hello!”

Victoria my daughter, “MOaaM!”

Me, “Vic calm down and tell me what is wrong!”

Victoria, “MOMMMY!”

Me, “OMG Vic, what is it?”

Victoria, “I just opened the utensil drawer….and a baby mouse jumped from the drawer and clung onto the front of my shirt and just stayed there…I knocked it off and It flung up against the fridge and I think I killed it.”

Me, “Oh! for a minute I thought there was something wrong with Ana.”

Victoria, “No! she is bouncing up and down on the couch right now laughing at me and I’m scared, mommy my heart is pounding so fast I can’t make it stop.”

Me, “you will be fine” hang up now.

Then other times surprises come to you in small little bits like a scratch and win ticket.

scratch and winWell that doesn’t end today’s life’s little surprises, no it is snowing outside like crazy there is always something around here to be surprised about lately and I guess that is a good thing it kind of keeps you on your toes. However I find as I’m getting older these little life’s surprises exhaust the snap out of me.

Have a great weekend ~cindy

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