Years ago, a man was the  king of his castle or as my dad said, “The big wheel” and the rest of us I guess were little spokes.

Seems today everyone is talking about this Dad who shot his daughter’s laptop with his .45 after she makes a fool of the family to her friends on Facebook.  I got to hand it to him, he grew a set of balls, took off his belt and put on his big boy pants and  took care of the situation.  Seems kids today are disrescpectful to their parents and perhaps they don’t know it because these parents, ya you and I,  have let our kids walk that red carpet that lays right over top of us.  

I think I have it figured where we went wrong, but it started with our parents and I’m going to blame them before I blame myself. We were raised with little or nothing, we respected our father like it was our job, we wanted something like a pair of North Star runners, we bought them second hand and changed the laces all by ourselves. We never got caught doing anything wrong like talking back at school because we would be afraid of the old man when we got home, because the school called ahead. and ya we had phones just no need for cell phones nothing was that important that it couldn’t wait. We talked back to our mother and got a back hander and that wasn’t something we were handed gracefully it was a cuff with the back of a hand.  I’m not sure if we were taught respect or if the fear taught us to respect. 

Then we made the mistake of giving our children everything we thought we didn’t have. I was raised by two parents who felt they had to be strong all the time so they never showed any weakness by hugging me. But I remember telling myself I wouldn’t be like that because when I had kids I was going to hug them all the time.  Back then I was given $10 for a pair of shoes and if I wanted the $15 dollar pair of shoes I had to work for the other $5 dollars.  Not me today, no I think if a child needs a pair of shoes it is up to the parent to buy them… I did, even up to the age of 26 I still bought your shoes.  I was not to leave my kids with my parents when I had children as my mother told me, “she was done raising kids.”  I felt hurt by what my mom said so when I got grandchildren I also got bruises on my knees from all the floor races and I babysat them whenever they needed a babysitter.  We spent so much time giving them everything we thought they needed–we forgot to teach them respect.  

Parents are not here to save you money on a babysitter, were not here, to teach you things you felt you didn’t have time to learn the first time around, were not here as your bank when you need to fix your car, were not here to answer your phone calls each time your car breaks down on the road, to buy you new tires, drive you to places, loan you our car, type out your girlfriends resume because she doesn’t know how, to offer you a house to live in, or let you store your furniture and toys, and Christmas trees. We don’t stay home for you to drop in whenever you feel like, and if we are busy you get upset, we have tools we need and although you don’t have any and borrow ours we would like it if they made their way back so we don’t keep buying new ones.  We don’t want to feel like your psychiatrist so stop complaining to us about your spouses, your plans, your money issues. We also think for ourselves god forbid we ask you each day what you think we should do.  We never went to school to become doctors, so please don’t  call us about everything that ails you or your children because we don’t have all the answers. But most importantly we are your parents, we feel you haven’t respected us lately and that is why we have asked you two stay away and give us some space.  After all when do you remember the last time we asked you for a favor or do you think we never need anything? Why did I use Facebook to ask you? Because I knew you would be listening there, just be glad I sent you both a private message, and didn’t send one like this father did.        


Dad stands by public punishment of his rebellious 15 year old daughter.

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