A sure sign that Winter has come and gone is when the tourists are starting back to the Island.  We had our first guests in two nights ago at the Bed and Breakfast.  Even though they had planned to cycle the Confederation Trail and I squashed their plans by telling them there was still snow on the trail they managed to have a great visit.

The Winter is a time to rejuvenate on the Island and a time to get caught up.  Caught up on the things you need to do for the following year.  It is this time of year that I ask myself how much did I spend getting caught up, when I have so much yet to do?

I have been contemplation the thought of having a gluten free menu at Grandma’s Tea Room and believe you me it has just been a thought for the past 4 years.  This year I decided I needed to go for it, just do it, and I got help from a friend who relieved some of the stress I was having.  Yesterday I worked on the menu and I’m excited that I can bring it to the table soon.

Menu Cover


The Red Cross has their volunteer appreciation night coming up on April 13 so I plan on having a few gluten free items to take for the banquet night. I’m excited because two of our volunteers who have been wanting to come to the tea room can now come with their friends.

I can only imagine how overwhelming it can be looking for gluten free items on a menu when you try and tea out. Think about it, the scones, sandwiches, and most desserts have flour in them.  Our menu is small keeping with the Afternoon Tea Room Traditions and therefore our gluten free section of the menu is small as well.  I am working on making bread next, that should be fun.


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