It was still dark when I entered the kitchen. A dusting of fresh crystal snow had fallen the night before and I wondered about it while I stirred milk into my coffee making it the rich colour I like. We are to go over the bridge this morning to Moncton and see about picking up some Gridwall Panel for the shop. I sit and think about the roads, the 3 maybe 4 hours of driving in light snow. I walk back to the room to find the French Gardener is dressed, up and att’m ready to hit the road. Well then lets go, why should I question a drive on such a day.

Crossing over the Strait and the car shadow presses against the concrete.

We arrive at the store and pull into the parking lot to find a notice taped to the inside of the door. I get closer to read it and as I do the note is disappointing as the store has moved. Perhaps this is a good move, I’m reading on further, to find they aren’t around the corner to a new location they have moved into another Province, now they are in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. We put the address into the GPS and come to find out it is another 3 hour drive. This is frustrating, yes, we have come this far, over the bridge lets travel the distance. I get a brilliant idea that I’m not going until I phone them first and find out if they have what I’m looking for and if they have moved again.

I have taken my e-reader and have started a new book reading to the French Gardener the length of the trip. The trip doesn’t seem that long and it is a good thing as I’m feeling a little crabby.

The Industrial Park in Dartmouth NS is large, bigger than I had expected and I stop reading to take in the many stores around. I wish I had a map of the area or just of the shops in the location. I whip around as I see The Tandy Leather Shop, a shop I had visited frequently when I lived in Ottawa about 15 years ago. I’m so interested in purchasing a thicker piece of hide to use as a base for a pair of moccasins I’m making for one of the kids. I’m surprised to find a rather large piece that I can use that the sales person has reduced probably because of the colour. I’m not interested in a full hide but only maybe a quarter and this piece is perfect however I still think it is over priced and barter to see if the price is negotiable as it is still a little over priced at 1.89 a sq ft that I’m interested in the piece at .99 cents a sq ft. It isn’t he tells me and we proceed to the cash. He rings it up and checks the price and tells me I’m in luck it had been reduced and only a few pennies over what I had suggested, sold I tell him.

Well we arrived home around 7:30 pm 12 hours after we started out and tired now we are both crabby. Not really crabby but rather disappointed in each other that after we found the store on line we didn’t call to see if they had even closed their doors. I’m finding, change is so frequent, stores close, businesses don’t make it and updates to 411, websites, and GPSs although updated are not reliable as the old information continues to be stored in the system along with the new. This can’t just happen to me, does anyone else suffer the “store shutdown – new information not found” syndrome? Thanks for coming along, xo, cindy

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