Between the lamp post and every gardener on PEI we all have been looking for the sun for some time.

Look what crept around the corner

the sun creeps around the cornerstone

It is a welcoming sight to see for sure

across the pond

It was convincing, stretching across the pond. Something triggered my mind to when the kids were little and I had to wake them early to go to work, they would stand stretching with their eyes still closed.

Here on PEI we have had to stretch from the Winter months, and it seems this is the day to start.

black eyed susan

Good Morning Susan


Around the garden tea pots mark the path of a garden tour

tea pot

Come for tea!

That is my way of saying, “come sit awhile,”  enjoy what little time life has to offer.

garden tea

Have a wonderful day my friends.

xo, cindy

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