There is something magical about a garden and that magic happens when you least are aware of it. Fairies are magical creatures that live about our Island as you know and they are very hard to find.  I’m trying to attract more fairies than usual as I’ve heard they can bring you good luck.

I’ve created a Fairy Playground with a wooden driftwood swing and I’m hoping they like that sort of thing



I built this rock table along with the stools, hoping I might find these little fairy fools.



This little fairy garden has a white stone walk and I’m thinking fairies might play hop scotch



Thank you for touring the start of my new fairy art.

Grandma’s Tea Room and Gardens are home to all sorts of different fairies.  Now if only I can teach them to weed the garden and pick up that pixie dust.  

Often it is the little things in life that not only do we live for but we create. Having fun is part of staying young, magic and make-believe is just part of the fun.

enjoy, xox Cindy 

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