I use to think cleaning the fireplace was a dirty job but believe you me it has nothing on cleaning out the silt from the bottom of a pond.

Our pond is overdue for a clean up

This is not a job to do in the Fall because you want the silt in the bottom of the pond so the fish have a place to dig themselves into and they can over Winter there.  If you clean it up in the Fall they don’t have a chance at a very good survival.  Besides, we usually take a beachcombing road trip in the late Fall and we usually run from all dirty jobs.  


I found these buds on the Magnolia Tree yesterday.

Procrastinating, something I’m good at when it comes to a dirty job.


I had to pass by the pond to get back into the house, perhaps I’ll pull out a potted flower or two


I stopped when I heard tapping coming from this house

Looks like we are going to have house guests this year

More procrastinating

Lovely to see this bunch of Hens and Chicks survived the Winter.

Oh yes, the pond, right!

Well tomorrow is another day!

If it is warm enough we might get back at it.

Dirty jobs are easier to put off than to get done.

I’m thinking the Yellow Pages could even help.

Do you have any dirty jobs to get to?

Happy Tuesday, Cindy







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