On our way to Orlando we made a few stops and Savannah Georgia was one to remember. First on the list we needed to visit a friend who we missed dearly last year when she didn’t make it to the Island. 

Here is June having tea and dessert at The Gryphon Tea Room

Guy and I joined her at the Gryphon for tea

June played tour guide and did a marvelous job showing us around the countryside

One of my favourite spots we ventured was to the Isle of Hope

 On the left, their docks and waterfront

On the right, their homes and watch dogs

I was in wonder at the air moss hanging from the trees

And mesmerized by the Majestic Oak

This tree was the size of a block and the street just went around her like a traffic circle

After we left Bluff Dr we found this neat tree house 

Camelia’s were in bloom everywhere we went

Returning to June’s wonderful home and all her wee little tea things we had lunch and were out and about again

this time we headed downtown to see the sights.

20 something squares make up the down town with parks on these squares, each one their own name

We visited all the squares including Chippewa Square, where Forrest Gump sat on the bench. Most of the parks had monuments, trees, park benches, flowers and paths.

We visited the square where the last slave auction took place

Interesting buildings, like where cotton was brought to be sold

Many a mirrored houses, with both sides looking the same

As well we toured Paula Deen’s block

Onto cobble stone streets and shops

To shrimp boats with the catch of the day

Then onto River Boats that were River Taxis

So much to see, so little time

Road to the Bethesda Home for Boys


We then returned home, ate, chatted, exchanged recipies and made plans to continue onto Jekyll Island in the morning

Thank you June for being such a thorough tour guide, our trip to Savannah will be one to remember.

I hope you all enjoyed Savannah, we did.  Join me on Jekyll Island next

xoxo Cindy



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