Welcome all! It’s going to be a party…A Kitchen Party in Charlottetown, Murphy’s Community Centre, in Summerside, Credit Union Place, in  Souris, Black Rafter Lounge where the doors will open to P.E.I.’s biggest kitchen party ever on today Feb 20th taking place from 6-9 p.m.

What a wonderful way to get together with entertainers and partygoers! Members of Islanders By Choice Alliance (IBCA) had a successful event last year and needed to look for an even bigger, better event this year. So it is about to happen tonight with a number of parties taking place across the Island, simultaneously and the best yet, live. Why is live so important? The Islander’s By Choice Alliance is a group founded on PEI who felt the need for Islander’s and people from away to all come together to live, love and enjoy life, many of the members of IBCA are away, moving to the Island or about to do so. “Having a kitchen party,” is an example of coming together and having fun.

This Kitchen party is stretching the full of the Island and with the help of the service provider Bell Alliant we are having our Kitchen Party Live Streamed all over the world so everyone including  my friends and family from away in the USA and other parts of Canada will be able to see just how much fun we Islander’s have.

FYI— The term “kitchen Party” might be familiar to all in and around Atlantic Canada but I thought I’d give you the setting in the event ya’ll don’t have kitchen parties. These events usually were frequent, you didn’t have to dress up for them, it included family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers, ya people just stopping by to see who might have been singing or who might have been on the guitar or fiddle, with great conversation along with tid bits of food and fun and plenty of laughter. Living in the times of oil lamps and wood stoves these big old farm houses had large kitchens in them, it was the warmest by the wood stove and had the best scents considering everyone brought food, and everyone would gather to socialize eat food, drink and play music, those were the days. I remember my uncle Arthur couldn’t play an instrument or sing and he sure knew how to play the spoons.

This is a good example of a kitchen party in PEI, I hope you enjoy.

That has got to be fun, and so will tonight, stay tuned to peikitchenparty.ca 6-9pm, be sure to can grab your spoons and join in the fun.

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