As most of you know I am on the road on a rather long road trip.  I’d like to blog it, but they don’t have McDonald’s on the coast, they are inland.  This also means I don’t often get to read and comment on ya’all, only because of time.  I miss my Family of FFF and made sure to be here this am to join and I’m glad I am. Susanne has introduced us to focus on reflecting five favourite things, be them large or small, blessings obvious and gratefulness we dug into our hearts to share with others.

Friday’s favourite five #19

Sea Glass; here are my five for this week-glad to be here even though it is almost Saturday.

A few small finds

1. Sea Glass; This trip is all about Sea Glass, we talk to locals more often because of these two words, we have sore necks, chilled bones, and we keep the hunt going.  It is an addiction in a sort of way, a free treasure hunt that always eggs you one foot further to search, comb, find, lurk, and turn over sea weed all in search of a gem, a fine gem at that.

2. They are everywhere; Beachcombers looking for the same thing.  Combing the beaches some walking up and down some sideways with each one a unique pattern to search and seek out the all mighty sea glass.  We have met up with beachcombers from everywhere.  I thought what we were doing was a rather unique once in a lifetime vacation, ya-no, everyone out here at this time of year has their head tilted, and a bag in hand. We were skunked two days in a row and started to feel a little frustrated.  Not for long as we turned our frustrations into a beach game.  We have a pocket full of

3. Lost and found; Today is day 11 of our sea glass beach vacation and we are living in our retroverted camper stopping at every ferry dock, port, harbor, inlet, and significant beach area.  Our retroverted is an over-sized bread box and so far we have managed to lose one set of car keys, a battery charger for the camera, a package of lenses cleaner, cable for the computer, pill container, wallet, dog treats, and I know there is one other thing.  Things are going missing then showing up in the place we searched only days later. I feel like I’m loosing my mind sometimes then other times I think someone is trying to lose it for me but he has lost a lot of these items himself.  We stayed last Monday night at a pull over off the road and watched a movie that we purchased earlier from Wal-mart called “Rest Stop.” Nothing has gone right since but we are blessed for sure as the last thing we lost was our way in downtown Boston today and missed the Ferry again, but found our way out.  Four hours back and forth, in tunnels, over passes, loosing the signal to dashboard sally each time we went down in a tunnel.  All over some sea glass, hum.

5. Beach Games; If you’re still reading you might want to turn back right here.  Or proceed with a sense of humor.  Ok, we have been skunked two days in a row not finding any sea glass and sometimes it can be frustrating, I mean we cover a lot of ground.  Anyway we turned our frustrations into a Beach Game and called it “jackelope Bait.” Lucky for me, you asked how is it played?  You have a pocket full of Jackelope Bait (shards of unwanted sea glass that isn’t good quality) and when you see a Beach Comber coming toward you, you simply bend down and drop a handful of shards and then walk off.  Here comes the fun, because the Jackelope never crosses over a bunch of sea glass so he stops dead in his/her path and ever so humble bends down and takes the bait.  Meanwhile we watch from a short distance as the Jacelope stands up and tosses the handful back to the ground where we run over and pick it back up because with all these beach combers we run out of Jackelope bait fast.  We had to stop because our ribs were aching with laughter.

So there it is in writing my FFF-Sea Glass, what is all the hype about, blessings for sure and a promise never to watch that movie again. Please join in and link up with us and visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.



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