Friday's FAVe FIVE

FFF post #2โ€ฆGet on with it already.

It is almost 5 o’clock, so here goes this has been my first chance to be here today.

1. Beachcombing the beaches of PEI. This is the most ultimate, quiet pastime one can imagine. It appeals to your sight (beach glass), appeals to your ears, (sound of the ocean) appeals to you inner self (tranquil). A hobby and one of my favourite things to be doing.

2. Changes. This past week in store, I found a box of Popeye cigarette candies. Inside the box there was 1/2 the amount of candy as what there use to be years ago when we were a kids. Back then it was ok to practice smoking, today with all the the opportunity and knowledge for change. We try not to encourage our kids to do any of these things that might lead to bad habits.

3. My lighthouse experience. For years I have driven past a gate market where a man has built birdhouses. I watched over the years as he included models from different countries. This week I stopped, and we chatted, I’d say he is interesting and reminds me of my dad – I made a new friend this week and I’m grateful. I purchased a lighthouse from him and then shook his hand and called him the birdhouse keeper.

4. The FAM Tourism Tour was a chance for me to appreciate a lot of hard work and energy that other businesses have around the Island. We visited many locations and had a fabulous lunch in St. Peters Bay. It was an experience in itself, that forced me to put a closed sign up for a day and that was ok. We took a rest and sat back to have someone else do the driving as we jumped on and off the tour bus exploring the many adventures and things to do on Prince Edward Island.

5. I’m blessed to have such a consciousness son. He graduated this year from the Culinary of Arts and works as a Chef at The Olde Glasgow Mill Restaurant. For the past several years he has wanted a motorcycle and today Toy Master Marine across the street delivered his bike to him. He is excited, young and energized and is my son. I have a new appreciation for all mothers of son’s who ride a motorcycle.

This has been my Fridayโ€™s FAVe FIVE, I hope you enjoyed stopping by. Remember to reflect on your favourite things from your week, look for blessings be them obvious ones or something you had to look for. Find and share.

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