The re-opening of the Charlottetown Superstore is today, so, coffee in hand we were the first at the door when it opened.  

I got this nice bag for my groceries, a fantastic, “Hello, how are you today? Welcome to the store this morning.”  Then when I didn’t think it could get much better I was handed a President’s Choice $10 gift card, wow.

Store open


Doors open

I was first in line looking back at the people coming in

Gift Card and bag


The produce department looks great, wonderful job, bright, colourful

Gift Card and Bag

New look to the store with a lot more No Name Yellow products

everything looks great


“Thanks for coming out, today Mam.”

“We hope you enjoyed your visit today?”

Thank you superstore, now it is time to go beachcombing, see ya.

Cindy ~OO~

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