A Stylish Blog award was given to me from Faith and her blog is “Gold in the Clouds.”
This is exciting and I’m going to play along however I have to change a rule as I’m in a pinch for time trying to get a couple of things done around the house…you know how that can be.

So thank you Faith. I’m not even sure my blog is Stylish with all the little glitches I have incorporated into it and my husband continues to fix them up, ha. However I do love the header as it means so much to me. The backdrop is a wall mural painted on the wall of our Tea Room, the pink chair on the left represents how old furniture is a blessing to me as it is built close to the ground for short people. On it sits a hat, clutch purse, doily, pic of my Grandma and pa, a tea pot and a brownie camera all the most significant pleasures that make me smile in my life.

  • The tea pot was a 50th anniversary gift my mom bought for my grand-ma ages ago.
  • My grandmother is my Tea Room inspiration in the photo beside the tea pot.
  • The brownie camera is what my mother loved to taking pictures with.
  • The doily is hand made by my mother-in-law when she was in the convent and has her mothers initials as well as hers on it.
  • The clutch purse and hat are among just a few in our tea room that people dress-up in at our tea room.

Without delay here are the rules for the Stylish Award.
Here are the Rules
• First, thank and link back to the person who gave you this award
• Second, share 7 things about yourself
• Third, award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
• Then, contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won this award

Here are my seven.
1. I am a coffee drinker and I opened a tea room and I’m working on a gluten free menu.
2. I turned my scrapbooking hobby into a business so I could have an excuse to do it more often.
3. Yesterday was the first time I cried in years, many years!
4. I print and write at the same time and think it is part of my character.
5. I prefer well water to any other and will go out of my way to get it and bring it with me.
6. At age 48 my bucket list is empty. The new one I’m starting only has one thing on it… to lose weight.
7. I enjoy riding in a truck for some reason, and love it when my son-in-law has me in his truck as a tag along, maybe because my dad and brother both had trucks, hum.

Now this is where I have to bend the rules a lot. I am a recent blogger and so therefore my knowledge of other recent bloggers is impossible. I have one though who I have just recently met who comes to mind and she is and has been inspirational to me in the past number of weeks. She is Karen and her blog is FabGrandma who takes to the road like a turtle and uses minute spaces in her road home (RV living) to do the things she loves best, sewing, beading, crafting. Bringing awareness to Oral Cancer by holding fundraisers on her blog. She has offered to help me overcome some Celiac worries I’m having with my menu. Wow! just an amazing lady and I hope to get to know her better. I haven’t been able to read blog lately and so I don’t know what she has been up to for a week but I know she is working on a new blog slide over and see where she is at.

I know the rule is 15 recent new bloggers, however I’ll owe you a few more as I meet them I guess.
Wishing everyone a great end to the week.
xo, cindy

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