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Make it with Wood



Our son Matthew was left with a little problem after the carpenter decided he was paid and finished up with the job.   

Here is the other side of the wall and trim



I suggested we make molding to go around the window and see if we can’t finish the job for him.

So my home this week has been at home, cutting, staining, planing, and routing wood.

It started with this



swirly tiny craft molding I found at Michaels. Getting the angle just right was a bit of an art and I’m glad I had the “French Gardener” here to help.



Pieces of wood cut, sanded and stained.


 Maybe you are starting to recognize how this is going to come together?


I made four corners for the window and then decided to do the back door on the same side. These are the six corners after I’d gluing all the little bits on. 


 It took both pair of hands to cut the wood and then turned the drill press on its end and put in a router bit and made three grooves in the lengths of the wood.  

Why go to the trouble? Well although the window is in, the carpenter created a problem that will need a 3″ border of trim to go around the window to hide.  I suggested to Matthew that he should make the molding just before he suggested to me he  would buy me the wood.



I’m linking up with Sandi and her Home Party where we share crafting, thrifting, creating, while others are sipping tea, some may be putting up decorations or helping out a neighbour, its home and where your heart is come along.

Thank you “Lord” for this glorious day, we give thanks for family, caring,  and teaching. We honor those who watch, and praise those who help. We think about family who are away and ones we can’t ever reach.  


Thank you for stopping by today, even though the weather on Prince Edward Island was colder than usual and the wind was  blowing and the snow was flying it was a terrific day.




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I’ve been tempting fate these days only from sun up to sun down, but in my estimation seems like a long time.  Not much gloom and doom just multiple stresses that keep me from getting things done which in turn causes forgetfulness then creates confusion followed by doing 6 things at once and before you know it, it is sun down and I could play it all backwards and get back to where I started in the day only to find out that the first thing I attempted in the morning was still not completed.  Boy, that summed it up nicely.  

So on my way to the bathroom this morning I plugged  in the kettle to make a coffee, put the light on in my room and realized I left my dresser drawer open.  When I walked over to close it I noticed my dresses all hanging neatly one after the other and decided they needed to be put back into the wardrobe bag. In the back of my closet I found the black wool coat I thrifted about a year ago and remembered I’d not yet repaired the button or altered the sleeves.  I remembered why I’d not got at it last year and that is because we spent the Winter away, knowing I’m home this Winter I’d better get’r done.  

Here is my thrifted black wool jacket



Ya I know even the tag is still on it.



Out with the thread box.



Cut off the buttons that are just hanging and try and find others.



Nothing matches the MAJORA buttons, they are unique and can’t be found on line either.



The top decorative button is missing and I’ll continue my quest for this button 

but in the meantime I’ll need to plug the kettle back in.

So I “ate that frog” according to Brian Tracy in his book if you eat a frog first thing in the morning you can tell yourself that is the worst thing you will have to do that day.  I think the real meaning behind this is do the hardest task first then get on with your day.  LOL, seems everything I go to do these days are the hardest task. Ok, the pity party is over I’m going to get coffee and prepare lunch for my French Gardener so he will keep working at his tasks of the day. 

Oh and BTW through the eye of the needle had nothing to do with sewing my jacket, no, more to do with me being on one side of the needle and all the jobs being threw the eye of the needle and the two not fitting together.

Oh happy day, Cindy





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