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One of the best places on earth to live, clean air, surrounded by beaches, paper bag fish and chips, fresh lobster, and heart shaped potatoes that is what makes this Island of ours unique

My Heart Belongs to PEI

I love PEI and my heart is where my home is, or is it, my home is where this heart is!



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I stopped off at the store to get my mail and noticed this red familiar looking box. It was amongst all this candy on a shelf very low and I had to bend way down to pick it up. I remember not having to bend at all when I was a kid to get candy from the shelf. One nice thing about growing up is you stop seeing candy all the time.

Popeye candy

There it was Popeye Candy, just how I remembered it.

All the other candy I was allowed to get were 2 for 1¢ but candy cigarettes were 5¢ a pack. We thought we were so cool walking around with these cigarettes hanging from our mouth then when we got bored of that we just ate them.

You wouldn’t encourage your child today to walk around pretending to be smoking

But then my brother and I each had our own BB guns. When we got older I think around 9 we each got a pellet gun. We were responsible ya, that is how mom lost the back window in the old Pontiac, ok moving

candy cigarettes

Ya, I bought them but paid 35¢ today for them and….

Ok, did someone eat them and put them back on the shelf? They also had a hot end that was painted red, ya, no gone. Wait a minute this is not how I remember my candy cigarettes to be oh, so disappointed.
How about the Lowney’s (now Hershey) Cherry Blossom? Anyone remember how big they were and the box they came in, you could almost add it to your cardboard house you played in as a kid as an extra room. Did anyone else play in cardboard boxes?

Then later in the day came the surprise, I got mail.

heart shaped cup

An early Birthday present (B’day June 30) from my cousin Janus, what a surprise I had to open it. After all I do remember gifts saying “don’t open until…”

I want you to see the heart shape effect so I made coffee in my new tea cup. Ya, I know but it tastes the same to me. I can’t drink water out of a cup though it tastes different water has to be drank from a glass.

heart cup

I like milk in my coffee

I love coffee

Thank you Janus for the tea cup, I’ll get my label maker out and put your name on the bottom as I do to all tea cup gifts I receive. It is funny to see ladies in the tea room turn over a cup to see the Royal Albert pattern and they see a laser label on the bottom with everyone’s name who I ever encountered. Then that is another story.

The day started off with a disappointment then ended with a surprise.
Thank you for stopping by,


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