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I’ve decided the best way to except that I’m about to become 51 is to have a good cry and get over it.  I don’t know what the big deal is, I mean 51 is only one from fifty and when I turned fifty last June I was ecstatic, so what’s the big deal?  

Coincidence, that must be the reason.  I’m still morning the loss of a dear friend who was 51 and I was told just a few short weeks ago he died of natural causes.  Who dies of natural causes at age 51?

Then at Access PEI yesterday I was attempting to get my sticker and pay them $170 dollars.  When I walked in the regular old cranky machine that ejected numbers wasn’t working however they had purchased numbers like what you would get at say a line up in a busy meat market.  I walked up to the spot and the number was 51, coincidence?  When my number was called I went to the counter and waited.  The nice lady on the other side of the counter started small talk, then after awhile I happen to mention that I’ll need my picture taken this year as my license expires.  That was when she let me know that the system had crashed and it might be a few minutes and did I have anything else I needed to do.  Where I asked, she said in town here.  I’d been standing at the counter for what seemed like a long time so I’d only imagine it wouldn’t be long now until the computer was up and running again.  Almost 30 minutes later the system came back.  And this is what I got for $170


I asked the lady for my old license back and she said sure, but would need to punch a whole in it.  She did that and then put the two pieces of plastic together the old and the new one to hand them to me.  That is when she noticed my glasses were the same ones but I had a neck.  I was almost starting to get embarrassed as she was passing my license to the worker beside her letting her know how much weight I must have lost.  Then they had there little, “oh wow” conversation and she handed me the two license.  I smiled and said thank you and tucked them into my wallet like it was no big deal and I didn’t even look at them.  However when I got into the car I whipped out my picture to have a look, I mean lately I’ve had these 51 year old bags under my eyes, and a per-ma frown as the weight of the skin on my face has taken on gravity and created the downward effect.  I was shocked, I still am.  I mean if I hadn’t asked for my old license back I’d of just not given it another thought.  Really, “Wow”  what a difference a couple of years makes. I’m still not crazy about turning 51 though and my birthday is June 30 so I’d better get that sticker on the back of the car or the French Gardener could get pulled over and have a problem if he is out picking something up for me this week.  

Seeing this is True To Thursday and It’s Friday already, boy time is flying by, I wanted to make this post yesterday.  I’d better hurry up and do it or it will be tomorrow and I’ll be 51 already.  So I’ve been asked by many what I’ve done.  First, I need to add that on September 25, 2010 I weighted 230.8 and I blogged about it to start my kick off to weight loss.  

  • Make small changes, one a week
  • Get a water bottle from Wal-mart and be sure to use it
  • Go through the house and pitch out junk, food, clothes, shoes, clutter
  • learn about protein and the amount you need each day
  • find an activity like volleyball and play it often
  • Stop eating sugar all together, it only makes you crave more
  • Stop eating anything white, that is easier to remember
  • Eat 7 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones
  • Get a half a cup container and if the food fits, eat it

Good luck, I have to get to the breakfast area we have guests in this am in the Bed and Breakfast.

Enjoy your weekend, be sure to stick to a plan, love yourself first and then find some love to share with another and start a good book.  Cindy


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