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You’re visiting PEI and looking for some great fun why not try deep sea fishing? It is a lot of fun catching mackerel they bite on anything, just a hook and you can bring them in two at a time. It is hard to explain but it is right up there with watching an amazing comedy and the adrenaline you get when there is only 4 feet between you and a black bear.

Small group, lets go fishing.

My Fishing buddy, but I caught the first fish.

Heading out.

Just off shore, see how calm the water is….

We are in this for the duration now, no turning back or swimming back.

I was keeping an eye on my little brother… Truth the camera was backwards in this shot and I didn’t know it or maybe he took this photo, little brothers have been known to do stuff like this.

Two at a time, small mackerel but what fun.

Everyone fishing and I’m taking pictures and I like fishing as much as the next person.

Going to the next spot, onto cod fishing.

I took dad deep sea fishing when he was down for a visit in August 29, 2004, with the bearded skipper, and my brother and I went out on the same boat today. I wonder what he was thinking?

Ya, your right, mom would have loved this.

Well the fishing is done we are heading back to shore.

My favourite shot, the fishing reel.

Promise me something! Have fun, enjoy life, take a vacation and just get away from it all.  We, my brother and I lost our mom in 2006, boy she loved fishing, and you know as much fun as we were having it was hard to enjoy it to the max.  We both know how much she loved fishing and here we were doing something she enjoyed so much and we both were feeling guilty she wasn’t there.  Take care,

xo, cindy

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We hurried up and got breakfast underway, clean two rooms and headed out to the beach.  We got glass, we got glass and here is a little bit to share with you.

Seeing it is Labour Day today we figured we had better labour to the beach again, perhaps I’ll post a find later.  Sorry to leave you like this but I got to go to the beach.  I hung a “gone fishing” sign on the door as PFA’s would understand you taking a day off to go fishing.

See you soon,



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