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If I could be at the beach all day I’d have a permanent tan

and a lot of sea glass.


Sea Glass Workshops

are about to start up again.  They are $15.00 per person with tools and sea glass supplied. If you have been to the beach and can’t find any sea glass don’t worry.  I located a beach just minutes from the gift shop where you can find your own glass then come into the shop and I’ll teach you have to wire wrap your new found treasure.


find sea glass on a tide line

Sea glass can also be found at the Island Made Gift Shop

and one more, wire wrapped into a necklace

Thank you for stopping by, 



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In Prince Edward Island this year we are hosting outdoor activities as the main theme. Here is a list to say a few.

Listings of activities on Prince Edward Island

Outdoor Fun

Authentic PEI Experiences

On the Water

Antiques & Art Galleries

Attractions & Museums

Food & Beverage




Living beside the Confederation Trail we get to meet and great many cyclists a day. We have cut a path from our Bed and Breakfast on our property to the Trail and put up picnic tables for cyclist and hikers to have a rest area.  I didn’t know there were 24 bike shops on the Island until I started reading this morning, here is your choice for bike shops.
I hope if your coming our way to Prince Edward Island you get the chance to pick a few outdoor activities and attractions from the list. Be sure to pick a few indoor ones also as there are a few of us who also have indoor activities around the Island like the small class I put on for teaching others
That’s it for today folks. I hope you have time for an outdoor activity today. If so let me know what you like to do for activities outside…
you never know I might just take up a new sport.
Here is the last thing I made
A Butterfly pendant for Heather’s friend in NC to remember times.
Take care we care, The Trails of Hats’n Hospitalitea,

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