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So today our ventures started early with the sound of a train whistle and the shaking and rumbling coming from the ground underneath.  Oh well at least the trains didn’t run all night, I was thinking about that just before I fell asleep. McDonalds was offering free internet along with free coffee so we stopped there to check our mail and everyone is getting on without us just fine.

Our first drive out of St. John was a bumpy road that winded and twisted for about an hour.  When I questioned that fact that we might be lost, I was told we were on the right track.  I happen to notice the French Gardener making changes to Dash board Sally last night  and I have a suspicion he might have tried to set the GPS to take the least amount of roads with antique shops along the way, can you do that?


After we got off the back roads of St. John we did find some improved roads and along the way I found a little barn charm.


We  happened to find a big and had to stop for a picture, I’m all about smalls and the French Gardener is all about bigs.


Real strings and all


This violin is a tribute to Don Messer and had a little plaque with a description


He figured he could play it like a guitar


We located a gift shop just South of Harvey, NB on 2686 Route 3 at the BMR and wouldn’t you know it the power was out in the town of Harvey and all the surrounding area.  The French Gardener got our flashlight out of the camper when he saw me flicking a lighter in the back room because I found a big section of scrapbooking paper and other finds.  I found two things I need and for a good price because the cash registers ran off electricity.


We stopped at St. Croix to take a few pictures and found another big, this time a golf ball


In the field next was a self serve golf course, where you could leave the money and take a score card and a golf cart, fun or what?


We continued down the road until we came to the shops of St. Andrews. We parked across from this large wall mural


She is a beauty isn’t she?


Then just around the corner I found this neat candy shop


And across from the candy shop was Scrooge and Marleys, a shop where I found,


my favourite find. a bee handled veggie dip plate, what do you think?


Have a look at the dragonflies are they crazy or what, so cute.


I was so excited to find this cute plate then visit another few shops before they closed as it was getting dark and things were closing down for the night.
We headed to St. Stephen and on the way we started to see trees with rather large sheets of tin metal on them, any ideas?  This is my mystery for the day, these sheets sure have me puzzled.  Could there be some sort of disease a number of trees are going through? Perhaps the fire department started charging people to take their cat down out of the tree so they are using the sheets as a preventative medicine?  I haven’t got a clue and if you know would you share, meanwhile I’ll go and ask the internet because you should always believe what you read on the internet.


So here we are at A & W having a little bag of onion rings and using the internet and a gorilla just walked in looking for a treat.  When I found out they were passing out root beer flavoured suckers I had to get me a few, they were ummmmm good.  Oh and a little trivia, did you know that A&W stood for Allen & Wright?  The last names of the founders, silly me all these years I’ve been saying Albert  & Walter, now i have no idea who they are.  Ha ha ha my right side just said  A&W stood for Amburger and Woootbeer.  Ha ha I made a funny, Oh my I think it is time for bed.

Good night,
Tomorrow I think Gangong Chocolates opens at 8am.

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Good job I brought my French Gardener along on the trip because it has been a cold one today and poor ole girl fell out the camper yesterday and her hip is in need of some extra tlc, so he is so good about lift’n her in and out each time she got to use the green facilities.  I gave her a little extra charge this morning when the French Gardener went into the back room of the camper and I let her have a lick-a-the peanut butter off his spoon, she liked that.

It was an early one and I almost thought it had snowed over night with all the white stuff on the ground, when I got my coat on and had a closer look it was frost, pretty but not as nice as real snow. We drove first to Cape Enrage and found a rock beach.

Rock Beach


Seeing I didn’t find any seaglass I picked you some rocks off the beach, how do you like them?


Somewhere along the way we found fields of cranberries, red as ever.  I still think they are blueberry fields but who am I to disagree with the French Gardener, if he say they are cranberry fields I say how they going to flood them that high up on a hill,  you don’t want to know what he said next.


Ventured to Cape Enrage where you can repel down the side of the cliff to go beachcombing on the ocean floor. They also have zip lines that have been removed for the Winter and you can see the two towers.


I walked up to the top  of the one tower and received a message on my phone and listened to someone asking about scrapbookng product, so I answered it with another voice mail. Isn’t voice mail fabulous? I stood looking out across the water over this lighthouse and could hear ghost whispers.  When the French Gardener climbed to the top and asked me what I was doing I shushed him and said I was listening to ghost whispers.  He listened then ruined the moment reaching for my cell phone telling me I hadn’t shut it off and the message was still playing, “are you still there?”


What a sky


Walking back to the RV I spotted this lovely gem and if she wasn’t so big she might have been a hood ornament for the way back.  What a beauty and carved straight into the rock.


Onto St. Martins where we ventured to a number of places that I’d found on the internet but couldn’t find in real life.   I don’t know why I still think everything on the internet has to be real.  We did however find a few things we had set out to see and one of the sights was the Sea Caves that you will find on the Big Salmon River Road.


Sea Caves of St. Martins


While the French Gardener drove part of the day I wire wrapped Sea Glass.  When at Cape Enrage we met up with 6 people traveling to Prince Edward Island who were from the Netherlands and they were also on the same beach looking for Seaglass.  I then found out they were headed to the Island to visit this lady who makes seaglass jewellery on the Island.  I had to wonder, so I asked and she pointed to my necklace telling me they looked a lot like mine on line.  She seemed to be a little disappointed to find out I was standing in front of her and wouldn’t be in PEI to open the shop so I let her look through what I had made on the road and gave her a green wire wrapped pendant as a souvenir of PEI from New Brunswick.  So that is my special for the day, and so that makes 31 random acts of kindness towards my goal.

Happy Halloween,

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