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I can finally say I think Spring has sprung.  Late but it has arrived and we haven’t put a fire on in about 9 days now.

I’ve been buzzing around like I were looking for a favourite flower, from one thing to another.

I was roasting coffee –  then put it aside


 then started on the garden –

backyard pond and waterfall

We have been picking and eating asparagus for two weeks now


I decided that wasn’t much fun so I moved onto putting out the fairy gardens

I placed one at the entrance to the tea room


a Fairy Park


by the pond


another in the bird bath


All together I’ve place 7 fairy gardens about, however don’t wish to bore you with my fun, besides I may need something next week to blog about and I can share the rest.

Oh I almost forget to mention I got the front porch finished


Remember the rustic curtains?


well I carried on with the rustic


found a rooster and put him to roost.


found a corner to finally put my shelf in that I built when in grade seven. Can’t believe my brother hung onto that and drove it all the way to Prince Edward Island to give it back to me, there it hangs with a few little items.


This is my favourite, people ring the bell on the way out of the shop if they liked what they saw.


and this old coffee can sits on the window.  I purchased a few antique rusty old coffee cans but they are a save for later also, lol.

Lets see what else have I been up to…..

Oh ya,


Ana would like to introduce her new baby brodder, she calls him Rory.

 I think he is just so cute and he smells so good.


Grandpa is proud of his new grandson also


shortly after Rory was born Grandpa and I went beachcombing, “again”

And if that’s not enough,


I’ve been on a spinach salad kick lately.

Besides coming down with strep throat I’ve been pretty good

watching my peas and ques and getting busier as the days go on.

How about you? Has your spring sprung? Are you planting any spinach?


take care,


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It is time, the time of season we venture out into the cold, busy ourselves with this and that, while we join with friends, sing songs or listen to them while shopping for our Christmas meal.  Looking back over the past few years I’m wondering where the time has gone. Each year seems to come faster and leave just as fast or every bit quicker.  This week I took things slow, ok I know it is only Thurday but I slowed down to write a short message into each Christmas Card I mailed. Do you still had write your Christmas Cards?  


It was a Kazoozle of baking, treats, cookies and sweets, and you missed it.

Here is a glimpse of  our Wednesday night Cookie Exchange.

My treats were Snowmen cookies dipped in white chocolate, with a snowman wooden tag.


The French Gardener provided Candy Can / Almond Bark using salted almonds.


Victoria brought her famous shortbread cookies. Used her new toy cookie shooter she got as a wedding gift.



Margie made some Reindeer Poop and treats to go along with  it, smells of decadent,



Janet made Oreo truffles with some dipped in chocolate while others rolled in sugar,



Anneke baked and brought along double chocolate cookies



Mary Lou gifted her famous fudge, double layer,



Aubrey Lee made these decedent peanut butter morels



Lori, brought us some surprises



We each made a dozen of our favourites and then traded them up for one dozen of each kind. It was a fun evening and we had a chance to sample a few other surprises as well.

“Lord” we set this day aside to gather with friends, we talked about traditions and days gone past, reminisced about families and how the youngest was the one chosen to put baby Jesus in the manger. We are all thankful to have each other and to be together.


I put on tea and coffee however I forgot to turn it on, so this week I’m not having tea with all these cookies but I’m sure you can grab a cookie here and visit with Sandi over at her blog where many will be having tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.  These are all very lovely treats and the ladies worked hard to include the recipe with each.   I’m sharing my lovely treats and wee little things with Sandi as she blogs about HOME and what it is for each of us. 

take care and enjoy your week,


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