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Mellow Yellow Monday

Mellow Yellow Monday’s #2

Ok, where did Sunday go? On Sundays we get together for a family meal and I remember now.  I put on a roast beef, peeled some/ no, a lot of red potatoes that Fred and Vaunda gave us from Kentdale farms when we visited them on Farm day. I also went out to our garden and dug some rather long carrots and cleaned and cut them up and cooked them.

Oh and I made my mustard pickles.

I wanted to make a Yorkshire pudding but ran out of eggs, imagine that.  We decided to go with the nice roast I seared in cracked pepper then roasted in the oven along with carrots and potatoes.  Then, Victoria phoned (daughter) and said she would be here to pick up Anastasia (my grand-daughter) and that her and Aubrey (her boyfriend) would be running to the grocery store and heading home.  Matthew (son) and Tabitha (his girlfriend) never came over, never called.  So I set the table for two and we had a quiet large sliced roast beef dinner and then watched a little tv.

Mustard Pickles Recipe…coming soon!

Then Matthew called early this morning and told me he was off work today and got me to thinking.  What is when I said, “what it’s Monday?”  So that is why I’m so late blogging and haven’t visited anyone today yet.

Monday’s you gota love em.



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Hi and welcome to my Mellow Yellow Monday.  I happened along and decided this would be fun for a Monday,besides yellow is bright, cheery, Fall’ish, and just yellow.

Mellow Yellow Monday #1

Tea pots don’t drip

This is a new tea pot drip catcher that sits onto this little yellow tea pot.

I got the idea to use alpaca yarn to make new drip catchers.  It would be perfect for a drip catcher because  alpaca yarn is water proof and therefore my drip catchers won’t stain.  Ya, no… the tea runs off onto the table cloth.

This yellow tea pot is my favourite. When placed on the table it seems to glow and the tea variety of Lemon Ginger Rose tastes so much better in this yellow tea pot then say in the black one.

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Thanks for dropping by my Mellow Yellow Monday I hope to meet new friends in blog land. Next Monday should be interesting with our Fall closely approaching.

Till Monday,



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