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I had to drive a little further South but I was sure to get a feed of fresh Boiled Peanuts and chow down on them. I mean, come on who hasn’t heard of “Boiled Peanuts” before? Gosh it sounds like something dumped into a pot and boiled over high heat and never mind cracking the shells because they are soggy from being wet for so long, soggy wet, hot peanuts…. Sounds good doesn’t it?

This looks like the right spot as we pull into park at the side of the building

I’m sure these must be good… but I’ll try the before I buy them just in case

I’m not sure of the taste from one soggy peanut you better give me a bag of them

So mister goes out back to a vat somewhere to collect me a bag of  hot boiled peanuts. The lady in the line ahead of me got all excited when she found out this was the first time I’d be having “Boooolled peanuts,” said with a drawl. She went on to say, you either love them or hate them, there is no middle of the road.  She explained how she gets a big bag, ” pop one in your mouth and just suck on it till the salt water juice explodes then crack them with y teeth and eat the peanut is all. 

She was right there is no middle of the road, you either hate them or love them. Jennifer I’m bringing you a bag of boiled peanuts home.

Me I’d rather pick cotton by hand then have to eat another boiled peanut, just saying.

Frankly, we are all a little nuts over the candy peanuts, non of those will make it home.

Have a great weekend. We are headed to the next Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores.  Today we were at the N.C. Aquarium on Roanoke Island it was a blast, oh and no seaglass.

Do you think this red lipstick goes with what I’m wearing?

Did you see my glasses?

I’m so cute.


Bye for now!  Me and Grandpa

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Do try this, if you just love sweet and salty together.

This wasn’t by accident that I found this combination, no… we have guests in the Bed and Breakfast staying with us from Thailand who showed us this yummy snack. Our Superstore in Charlottetown is carrying  a lot more ethnic food these days and so it was easy to pick these three items off the shelf, but a little tricky to find them.

Three good combinations come together as one

Pitted Honey Dates, “so sweet”

PC brand Masala Hummus, “so smooth”

Blue Diamond Pecan Rice Crackers, “so good”

I call this, “An Ant on a rubber raft”

Yes the taste, it’s so yummy

The proof it’s yummy

I’m not sure, perhaps I’ll have to do that again!

Do you have a favourite snack? One that is salty and sweet together, if so do you want to share it with me? I sure hope so.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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