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Regis and Kelly are so excited to be here.

They dressed up in Anne hats and have a fantastic day

Wesley Gallant from the Ship to Shore restaurant stops by and has an oyster cupcake for Regis to try.  He takes off the candied oyster and gives it a try

Regis has to prove himself and picks up an empty shell and knocks it back but it was a dud

The Grass Mountain Hobos play and entertain the audience

Kelly Anne is ready to go to Green Gables

Kelly Anne arrives at Green Gables and does a magnificent job playing Anne of Green Gables, she is a hoot

On to meet her soon to be bosom friend Diana

Kelly Anne meets Diana and I’m not sure who she/he is

A break for recess and a three legged race

Back in school Kelly Anne is about to get a surprise

Oh, Gilbert (played by her husband) just called her “carrots”

Kelly Anne gets all fire engine red haired and hits Gilbert Blythe with her chalk board slate

Then it goes on to last for ever.  The End!

Oh, it was a great show.  I really enjoyed it, chuckle chuckle.  The PEI Tourism has done something special and everyone who had a hand in bringing  “Live with Regis and Kelly to Prince Edward Island” needs to be rewarded somehow.  It was a splendid idea at any cost, and the outcome will exceed all expectations and render many kindred spirits or bosom friends as Kelly so likes to say over and over.



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As You’ all know Regis and Kelly are in Prince Edward Island live and although we didn’t get the opportunity to see them live we did the next best thing and watched them from our comfy seat in the tea room.

Regis and Kelly started off telling us that they made it to the front page all Atlantic Canada newspapers.

Regis, “I never make it to the front page of the New York Times, and look here at all these newspapers in front of me and I”m on the front page.”

Regis goes on to tell the audience how his weekend was and where he had been.  Kelly letting us know she had been around and even rode a horse for the first time.

************Kelly Knocking Back An Oyster**************

This is just too funny.  The head table is set with their coffee, newspapers, and a plate of seafood.  We all know that Regis isn’t a fan of seafood.  Kelly on the other hand in this photo is a “BSS”  Brave Seafood Survivor, as she knocks back an oyster, while Regis is an onlooker.

If that isn’t enough, then an Island Chef came out to greet Regis and Kelly with seafood specialties that he had prepared.  In this photo, Gordon Bailey of Lot 30 has prepared mussel hot dogs, oyster ice cream and a clam burger.

Onto the dessert- Oyster Ice Cream

Kelly, “This is World Peace in a Cone.”

Regis, “I’m tasting it, I can taste the oysters in the ice cream.”

Kelly, “No, you can not.”

Regis, “I can, I can still taste the Oyster breathing.”


Then another highlight was “Lady Antebellum”

They had just preformed the night before at our Cavendish Beach Festival and it was Fantastic to have them out to Regis and Kelly at the waterfront in Charlottetown Prince Edward Island.  Woooohoooooo

It sure has been a magnificent busy week as you can tell the number of days between posts has been almost 5.  I have a solution to getting my posting done, do it in the evening then publish it in the morning. Other than being a day behind the news at least I’ll stay caught up.

Oh wow,


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