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From my Beadroom

Thinking back a little I posted this picture and asked what it might become.

I’m finished! I think it’s positively a Brides white sea glass necklace, What do you think?

I think it looks much nicer on black.

I’m working on a copper one this week.

Happy wrapping, Cindy

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Around our house back in the 70’s each family member played a key role in a young persons life.  Grandpa was the story teller, Grandma taught you to sew, cook, and knit.  Brothers taught you to pee standing up. Fathers taught you to be strong and not whiny.  Mothers taught you wisdom, idioms, how to be a better person, and the direction to go in life.  Mom knew her idioms and I always thought she could just pull them out of a hat because each time a situation arose she had an idiom for it.

Back in January I blogged about  idioms and the many she used to say, off the top of my head and the best I could remember but I forgot about this one – A bad start means a good finish.

For two months now I have been attempting to paint a mural on the gift shop wall and just couldn’t get started.  “I can’t paint,”  I could only draw a broken wheel with missing spokes.  So it was hard for me to attempt this challenge.  The French Gardener and I went out for supper one night 3 weeks ago and I turned the place mat over and decided to sketch out the wall mural. That place mat has been hanging on the wall this past 3 weeks and yesterday I got it done.  Surprised by the finish and today the gridwal gets assembled and everyone is saying don’t cover it up.

Here is my bad start to a good finish.

The place mat on the wall

The finished wall

There is a painted East Coast down the left side where we will put all our beachcombing finds from our big trip. The French Gardener is going to place small shelves where we can place little treasure.

What is PEI without a lighthouse

This is a section I really like

One of our favourite memories was in Provincetown.  We beachcombed all day up to the point and then joined in the Spooky Bear Event Street Party in Provincetown.

I am about to reach into the unfinished project jar and select the next one.  Do you have a project your are working on or need to finish? Perhaps something you started and just can’t get back at it to get it finished?  Let me know I’d love to read about it.

xo cindy

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