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I can’t say it was hard-ly any work, but I can say many hands makes for a lighter job.

Yesterday I woke early and made a fresh loaf of bread, boiled potatoes for potato salad and did up the fix-ens for a macaroni salad, planning on having egg salad sandwiches for lunch.  The day before two of my good friends asked if I could use some help in the garden and oh my gosh, I can always.  So we made plans to have a get-together working day…. I guess because most often when we get together is is a play day lately with laughing, joking and playing.

Debbie told me to take a before picture, which I thought I already had, however


this is my before picture, as you can see with plenty of flowers, shrubs, and well this was years ago.  Today the flowers are all spent because they were not divided, and I’ve lost everything to weeds.  Sorry Debbie, I didn’t have that before picture you asked for, actually this one isn’t like the before weed field we saw, right?

Here is what many hands have done yesterday


Made me a sitting spot


trimmed up trees and pulled out weeds


creating a lovely spot


Where I can sit and see my knotty tree


putting back just a few wee things


that I can see,

Thank you Blair and Debbie for helping me.

When I dragged my 4 foot arms out of the weed pulling and brush cutting, I got a surprise



My purple and red poppies have opened for a Red Hatter show.







And for my last surprise I turned to see, raspberries are ripened for you and me, come pick


Time to get breakfast on for our B&B guests.  Then off to sit in my thinking spot,

have a wonderful day.




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From my small garden tulip surprise off to Holland and over to Ottawa is the thoughts behind this mornings blog post.

These our my checkerboard Tulips


I’m not sure these checkerboard tulips have a history as amazing as the tulips we share in PEI or the millions of tulips that Ottawa receives from Holland each year but they are amazing looking.

I’m going to feature Brenda’s blog this morning as she visited PEI not long ago and shared her photos of our Tulip Festival that we have here on PEI.  So here is Brenda from Gardeningbren In Nova Scotia.

I love my little Island and the fact that Prince Edward Island shares something in common besides politics with my home town of Ottawa was a reminder of home this past week.

I have another surprise this week, in our bed and breakfast we have  Tamara staying with us from The Netherlands and she has shared stories of her home in ours. This being the month of May a great deal of our conversations have been over the tulips of Ottawa and the lovely display of tulips Prince Edward Island has this year as well.

I took an arm chair travel to Wikepedia this am to get you a little more information on the Canadian Tulip Festival.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.                   In 1945, the Dutch royal family sent 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa in gratitude for Canadians having sheltered Princess Juliana and her daughters for the preceding three years during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, in the Second World War.

The most noteworthy event during their time in Canada was the birth in 1943 of Princess Margriet to Princess Juliana at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. The maternity ward was declared to be officially a temporary part of international territory, so that she would be born in no country and would inherit only her Dutch citizenship from her mother. In 1946, Juliana sent another 20,500 bulbs requesting that a display be created for the hospital, and promised to send 10,000 more bulbs each year.

The festival begins

Princess Margriet returns to Ottawa to attend the Canadian Tulip Festival in May 2002.

In the years following Queen Juliana’s original donation, Ottawa became famous for its tulips and in 1953 the Ottawa Board of Trade and photographer Malak Karsh organized the first “Canadian Tulip Festival”. Queen Juliana returned to celebrate the festival in 1967, and Princess Margriet returned in 2002 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane and all the tulips and friends from PEI to Nova Scotia and Holland. Thank you Tamara and Brenda for being part of my tulip story this am.

Enjoy your week my friends, Cindy



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