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Friday’s FAVe FIVE

I have to admit Friday’s come and go and it seems to be faster and faster all the time.  That is one way to deal with Winter, that I’m thankful for.

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story has encouraged us to look into our week and pick 5 things to be thankful for, blessings as they are called. So join us in a weekly FFF as we express ourselves for what we are blessed.

1. Early to bed.  These days I wake up way to early.  I don’t need to get up this early.  No one else is up this early.  I can’ t even make noise this early.  Each day it has been about 12 minutes earlier that I wake up, this causes me to go to bed way to early.  Last night I guess I started snoring and the tv got turned up way to loud so I’d get the message.

2. Dead lines.  I always said that deadlines have a way of making things happen and they do, each week I manage to pull together another small accomplishment.  This week the tedious Anne braids are done and bagged.

3. Clean sidewalks.  I will be blessed that we can get to our mail and I’ll also be thankful that walking will be easier once the sidewalks are clear again.  Seems the city has encouraged the snowmobile club from the exit of the trail to the Irving gas bar by not keeping the sidewalks clean so the sleds can access the sidewalk up to the garage to get gas, cigarettes, coffee, and other important items.  I checked yesterday and there is 17 inches of snow and the streets, sidewalks around are all clean straight to the pavement.

4. FFF. I’m going to take a leave without pay.

5. Finishing up started jobs.  Perhaps I’m not the only one who has a project on the go, a room half painted, steps with the vacuum still on them, and odd socks on my feet.  The pressure of life has been placed upon me and I’m giving it to it.  I notice I was a blog a day person, now I’m lucky if it is a blog a week, and I push myself to be here on Friday.  I got one job finished in the gift shop this week and over the next following weeks I plan to continue finishing up started jobs and I can accomplish this the least amount of distractions.  I painted a mural on the wall where we are hanging the gridwall and product on, sort of a back drop so to speak.

The finished wall

The gridwall is hung now to rearrange

I’ll miss my FFF each week and I’ll think of you and perhaps stop by for a visit once in awhile. Until then I have to get on track and that means less computer time.  It has been fun and rewarding and if you want to see what I’ve been up to, just drop by, ta ta for now.

xo~ cindy

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I have five this week that are special to me, that I’m thankful for, and that I have been blessed with and they belong on Grandma’s knee.

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story has encouraged us to look into our week and pick 5 things to be thankful for, blessings as they are called. So join us in a weekly FFF as we express ourselves for what we are blessed.

Friday’s favourite five #33

This week has gone by way too fast. I wake early morning and have time to think about how fast the years have gone by.  I remember being a teenager and wishing away the years until I was 18 a mere mile stone age. Here I am 30 years later trying to hang on to every moment, and wishing I had more.  Yes, I have 6 grandchildren and I’m 48, one grandchild came to us through unity her name is Hannah. Grandma needs another picture of Hannah. I’m blessed to have two of them near and the other four I have to admire from afar.

1. Makayla Lynn. The kind of child everyone wants for the first born. Never upset, eats well and signals when she wanted to go to bed. Today Makayla is our fashion statement, not for the clothes she wears but how she parades circles around you, not a moment in her day is spent not in conversation and movement.  I remember a day when you came to Grandma’s house and we made rice krispy squares, your eyes widened when you found out that rice krispy squares can be homemade not always from the grocery store.  Oh, I laughed that day, and I have lots more to teach you. Grandma thinks she will be contributing to the arts when she grows up, but for now I want you to please stay young.

Grandma teaches tea etiquette

2. Anna-Grace. As a baby Anna-Grace would entertain you with the faces she made, full of expression she was.  Impatient at the best of times and that is in a good way because I see things come to her when it is difficult to acquire  she will always find a way.  Very determined and strong willed yet dainty and gentle in her voice.  I’ll never forget on one of our trips to North Carolina to see you, you came up to me with your arms spread wide and I hugged you and couldn’t let go, I think you were about 3 years old.  It was a special time for me, as I know you don’t like to be held.  Your birthday is this month and I’ll need a recent picture of you soon.

Anna-Grace enjoying her little tea party

3. Emily-Elizabeth. “Oh sweet”  I can hear the little whispers come from your lips.  Emily you are a gift to us all.  Your smile brightens a room when you walk in.  Over time you have come to be the helpful little one.  Although you speak very few words grandma knows you are the best listener in the world, taking in everything. Each time I looked around there you were watching and listening.  This is a good trait, as a good listener makes a great friend.  Your good friend Miss Laura is teaching you to be “her” Grandma thinks a teacher is what you will become.  When grandma thinks of you, I see you standing in front of me and while you try to gather the words your little fingers play itsy bitsy spider as if it will help conjure the thoughts.

Wow, this watermelon is almost your size

4. Sydney-Sophia. Sydney as a baby we wished your hair would grow at age 2 you still only had strands but now the head of curls you have is overwhelmingly cute.  Mom always said, “a slow start is a good finish.”  You have developed attitude and this will be helpful in your days to come.  You are strong but dainty, clumsy but cautious, I’ll always remember your princess shoes as when I sleep at night I hear click, click, click on the floor long after you have gone to sleep.  I’ll never forget the time we made cookies and I reached to help you with the cup of flour when you went to dump it in the bowl and it landed on the floor.   The expression was priceless, the words embedded in my mind “oh, grandma made a mess.”  Grandma knows you love story time and Miss Spider’s Tea Party was your favorite.  You are always with a book in your hand and that is why Grandma thinks you might be a writer some day.

Grandma tells a story about a tea cup

5. Anastasia-Rae. Child we waited on you forever. If you taught us anything it was patience.  You and Grandma spent a lot of days together in your first year and I think you are the reason I feel so young.  I never told anyone but I always wanted another baby and you filled that void.  You are coming up to your second birthday already and so far we see your mom in your every step, the trucks, the hats, cowboy boots, to eating crayons and rearranging furniture and everything in your tracks.  I have more pictures of the back of your head as you are always on the move.  Once you slow down a bit Grandma will see what you will be, for now it is you.  I hear your little voice when you enter a room so excited to see everyone always, but calling Grandpa, by your pet name, “Crapa” will stick forever.

Curious Anastasia and the big yellow hat

Hannah, Makayla, Anna-Grace and Emily Elizabeth all live in the US and we get to visit between busy times on the Island.  I’ll have to update all my pictures soon.  Sydney and Anastasia are here at home on Prince Edward Island and visit Grandma often.  Grandma thinks that perhaps Makayla is going to join her for part of the summer this year, I’m making plans.  Grandma will have to get a picture of Hannah and write just about her soon.


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