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Saturday can be a busy day in the Foust / Woods residence and it starts with breakfast. I walked through the door and everyone was in a game of war, yup you imagine it all you want 3 boys and 4 girls all fighting over the same WII game. Ug, it is my turn to do breakfast so I lined them up biggest to smallest in front of me and called it Grandma’s Breakfast Cooking Class and taught the all how to make French Toast Aunt Vicky’s style. 

Breakfast for seven

Saturday was a special day in Durham as it was both the Farmer’s Market and the Holiday Craft Market, cooking with grandma, and a trip to the museum. The day was beautiful, sun shining, people were out in numbers. A rather perfect Winter weather day for me, no snow, not cold, no wind just warm air and apple cider.

Durham Farmer’s Market

Green and brown eggs

Gourd bird houses

Colourful Chard

Dragonfly Silk Napkins

Bees wax candles

buskers and street vendors

All some of my favourite things of a farmer’s market. The craft market was indoors and folks don’t always like you taking pictures as they think you might be trying to copy their product so I don’t have any of those pictures but I saw a lot of eye candy for sure.

I had put together a cassorole in the crock pot and left instructions for the  7 kids to eat and I’d be home at 12:30 to take them to the science museum. At 12:37 I pulled up in the driveway and 3 kids were ready to go so Grandpa car-pooled me and the first three out to the museum then drove back for the next 4 and came and joined me. 

Busy day at the museum, 7 kids, school bus of children, crying babies, strollers, outdoor play area, drums, banging things and one grandpa it was sure a busy day.

Afternoon Fun at the Museum of Science

These busy bees had a tube on the left side leading to a hole outside.

After such a busy day Grandpa and I needed a little rest and relaxation, good job yesterday was Sunday. All and all it was a very good weekend filled with fun, family and favourites, 

Happy Day, Cindy

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Makes a Person Happy, Healthy and Wise

So this said, If I changed my sleep pattern and say went to bed at 12 midnight and got up at 7am would I be more happy, healthy and wise?   I go to bed at 10 pm and wake at 5am and if you do the math it is the same number of hours.  What would be the difference?

I’m going to let you think about that while I make breakfast for our B&B guests, brb.

Question: What is for breakfast this morning…..

Eggs and sausage???

or pancakes????

Can you tell I’m missing Grandchildren 🙂

You think about the reason for early to bed and early to rise, I’ll be right back.


Ok I might have an idea as to why one gets up so early.

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin’s idiom early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise lends some truth. After all, if one goes to bed early he gets quality sleep and is healthy, if one wakes early he starts his day before the rest and therefor is wealthy, and if he did the two things above he is just naturally wise.

Grandpa just thinks I need something to complain about all the time so he tells me. Besides, I’m well asleep when he turns in for the night and he is well asleep when I get up at 5 in the morning.  

If waking up early is a direct cause of productivity then I’m doing nothing when I wake up so early as to not make any noise and wake up our guests in the Bed and Breakfast. However I do find time to take a 3 km walk about the neighbourhood and I discover much when I’m out and about.


Mum had her own sayings and this was one of them!

Happy Hump Day,


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