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Road Coffee



The RV is loaded and we made our morning road coffee.  

We are headed South to get out of the cold. I will be reading all your lovelies while on the road. I’ll only be blogging at

this site is on a  Blog Vacation

See you in April!







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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each and every day we exchanged peace?

If no one was every lonely,

If growing older others knew how to forgive as well as they forget,

If the feeling of Christmas would last all year long,

I’d have just one wish.


Today I’d like to share some joy that I get from a dear friend in blog land.  Her name is Pam, she blogs “Playing with my Camera” and she always has the most beautiful pictures that brings a smile to my face each time I see them.  This is one of her pictures above and I thought it a perfect fit with my blog post on “A Christmas Wish” 

I’m feeling that blogging is a lot like Christmas and it is a lot of sharing and caring

I would like to share

not cookies, not recipes, or tea cups, just a wish.

 After all we blog with a purpose.  A voice to be heard, sung like a bird.

  Bulbs and blogs are a lot alike, don’t you think?


I got a bulb (blog)



and it started to grow (wrote posts)



I watered that bulb (posted to my blog)



So I could watch it grow (build an audience)



it started to bud (blogging more often)


being kept in the dark (no one finds your posts)



why bother to show (stop blogging)


I want to thank the few people who continue to come and visit me regularly. I read and comment on about 37 other posts per week hoping to increase the traffic to my little bulb (blog).   I have joined in many parties, and feel like someone could greatly host my post.  


I’m usually in the crafting spirit, but these days I’m in the spirit of Christmas.  Or I should say in the spirit of snow as we look around us.  Today I’d like to have you join me over at Sandi’s blog post HOME where we share Home for the Holidays.

Have a very Merry Christmas  and I hope all your Wishes come true. 





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