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Welcome to my Red Charistmas Palooza.  Growing up mom used metaphors all the time and Palooza was one that I understood to mean a gathering of many things.  Like all my toys out on the floor at once was a Palooza.  Curious,  I quickly asked Google what he thought Palooza meant. Seems mom and Wikipedia seem to think a Palooza is an exaggerated event, she was right again.

My Christmas Red Palooza


Red Window Bliss 



A little Christmas Tea



A little sister



A big red piece of seaglass



It is time for tea, please help yourself the cups are on the left and we are having my tea blend today called, “lighthouse lovers” a lovely combination bold, bright with tart and tangy scur cherry notes tempered with mild sweet banana finish.



Red Seaglass for Christmas



A few days in a row we have had a light dusting of snow, just enough to remind us that mother nature has been by. I’ve seen a number of tracks in the backyard these days from fox, mice, birds even the neighbours cat has come for a visit.

Maybe while we have tea this afternoon we will see some wildlife.  



A Palooza of stacking Santas  

An exciting week ahead. I finished all the decorating in the tea room on Monday, we got fresh snow, hung the lights outside over the weekend, then today I finished baking 12 dozen for our Christmas Exchange tomorrow night, now I just have to find some Christmas music and I’m done.

“Lord” thank you for this marvelous day.  It is a joy to hear the turkey drive has started and people are so giving, I’m blessed to have such caring family and friends around me, I give thanks for the little things in life that bring us joy. 

Today is Tea Time Tuesday and Sandi has offered to host a blog where everyone will share something tea, won’t you join me for a cup while I head over and hang my stocking.


Well this has been a Palooza of Red, of Christmas, and of cookies, I can’t wait to show you all the treats, stay tuned. 

xoxo, Cindy

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Today I’m in the gift shop looking at my newly thrifted transferware



I wouldn’t have any use for these in the Tea Room without the cups



However, when I put them into the shop they become pieces of art. They aren’t antiques, ruins or treasures but will definitely look fabulous for what I have in mind.

Medallions for making antiqued looking  jewellery 



This is a new find we came across at an antique store awhile back.


This transferware is hand painted also rather large, but is a soup cup.



The print on the bottom



Romantic isn’t it? sitting under an orchard listening to your love playing you a sweet song on the violin. 


Do you know what inspired this purchase?  You know I”m about to tell you.  The French Gardener and I were out on one of our beachcombing expeditions.   I’m thinking it was Eastport Maine.  Anyway while beachcombing I looked up and saw garbage in the side of the embankment.  When I got a little closer I found this piece of china shard with the words “cuppe”  on it just laying looking up at me from the beach.



This is how pretty the back side looked



curiosity made us bring it home and look it up on the internet.  I don’t know how I managed all those early  years with just the volume of encyclopedia I had and no internet.  
Anyway, from this China Shard we were able to find what the cup looked like but we had no idea it was so large, or  that it was a soup cup.  Then when I spotted it at the antique shop it seemed only right I complete the treasure hunt with a purchase.

It is sitting in the gift shop like a trophy.

Well I’m calling it a shop day, I have lots of blue and white medallions to cut and sand the edges on. 

Have a wonderful weekend,



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