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From highway-side stands to multi-table markets, you can pick up farm-fresh vegetables and fruit across the Island, along with baked goods, preserves and handmade crafts and gifts.

One of my favourite markets is Balderston’s on Highway 1, five minutes East of Charlottetown.

Gourds catch your eye

Everything is matched and colour coordinated.  Plenty of preserves, plums, blackberries, strawberries and different types of apples line the counters.

The Straw Barn

Awaits children who come and run and jump onto the bales of straw.  Most are taken home and placed at the end of their driveway as an Autumn marker to decorate with pumpkins, scarecrows, and large stalks of corn on the cob. I think this week I”ll drive about and find interesting driveway markers to blog about, some are so neat.

Out back Pumpkin Patch

U-Pick pumpkin patch lays quiet in a field.  This year the white pumpkin is popular I see them on plenty of door steps and driveways.  I have asked a couple of people about them and making pies or are they just ornaments and I can’t seem to get an answer other than, “I don’t know, I have never eaten them, most buy them for show I guess.”

This pumpkin patch like many others about the island has done incredibly well this year.  Must be the year of the gourd.

A little bit of the Orient

Chinese Lantern ripe and blown over in the last storm still in the U-pick flower garden out back.

Here is a link to a demonstration of making a Chinese Lantern.

Some day perhaps after our beach trip I would like to visit Montreal’s “The Magic of Lanterns.” At the Chinese Garden in Montreal’s Botanical Garden.

How to grow Chinese lanterns.

Prince Edward Island is known for the many farming communities around.  The producers take their goods to the markets or they have road side stands.  The larger farmer’s markets like Charlottetown Farmers’ Market on 100 Belvedere Avenue are open: Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (year-round) and Wednesdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in July and August.

Booths, stalls, and tables set up to display Island produce, and handmade crafts. With so much to see and eat you could spend a day away testing your taste buds with African, Indonesian, Thai and Polish cuisine.  When I went last I found preserves, sausages, crafts, fresh turkeys, butcher and finger foods.

Close to me and supportive is the Greenvalley market in Milton. They also have a U-pick out back.

Do you have a favorite market that you visit often? Make sure to tell others and be supportive of the small markets as we don’t want to loose them to the larger industries.  What makes your farmers market special?

Thanks for taking the market tour today,



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Today I’d like to take you to a little spot close to Murry River, PEI.

Called Spit’n Image where Sheila and her alpaca spin the way to some wonderful yarn to make knitwear, socks, scarves, toques, mittens and wouldn’t you know it, spun balls alpaca wool to purchase as well.

My grandmother made braided rugs as I stood by her rocking chair. It fascinated me that I’d come home from sch0ol and step in the front door onto a rug that I had seen her sitting making long strips only what seemed like days ago.

I purchased alpaca yarn on my visit.  I needed to try a new product for my drip catchers.

Drip Catchers

Braided Rugs

About 15 years ago I took a notion to make a braided rug.  I have put it together and taken it apart a number of times.  Never knowing the secret to a turn, or a braid, or the how to finish the rug.  So I have about 2.5 miles in my possession of braid and I have moved this large bin from house to house over the years and a couple of moves.

I visited Sheila while working in her shop and I told her about my miles of braids.  She took out this piece she was working on and  showed me the secret to putting together the braids.  This Winter I will finish my braided rug and it will be another blog.

Make sure to put the Spit’n Image on your map of places to go while visiting PEI.



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