Welcome to my Red Charistmas Palooza.  Growing up mom used metaphors all the time and Palooza was one that I understood to mean a gathering of many things.  Like all my toys out on the floor at once was a Palooza.  Curious,  I quickly asked Google what he thought Palooza meant. Seems mom and Wikipedia seem to think a Palooza is an exaggerated event, she was right again.

My Christmas Red Palooza


Red Window Bliss 



A little Christmas Tea



A little sister



A big red piece of seaglass



It is time for tea, please help yourself the cups are on the left and we are having my tea blend today called, “lighthouse lovers” a lovely combination bold, bright with tart and tangy scur cherry notes tempered with mild sweet banana finish.



Red Seaglass for Christmas



A few days in a row we have had a light dusting of snow, just enough to remind us that mother nature has been by. I’ve seen a number of tracks in the backyard these days from fox, mice, birds even the neighbours cat has come for a visit.

Maybe while we have tea this afternoon we will see some wildlife.  



A Palooza of stacking Santas  

An exciting week ahead. I finished all the decorating in the tea room on Monday, we got fresh snow, hung the lights outside over the weekend, then today I finished baking 12 dozen for our Christmas Exchange tomorrow night, now I just have to find some Christmas music and I’m done.

“Lord” thank you for this marvelous day.  It is a joy to hear the turkey drive has started and people are so giving, I’m blessed to have such caring family and friends around me, I give thanks for the little things in life that bring us joy. 

Today is Tea Time Tuesday and Sandi has offered to host a blog where everyone will share something tea, won’t you join me for a cup while I head over and hang my stocking.


Well this has been a Palooza of Red, of Christmas, and of cookies, I can’t wait to show you all the treats, stay tuned. 

xoxo, Cindy

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