Another day of beachcombing yet still tired from the day before we manage to head to the beach at the drop of a hat. That means we had gardening work to be done and instead of that we headed to the beach with friends. This has to be….

My Favourite Find

sea glass bottle stopper

Amazing is the feeling when you find one of these  bottle stoppers while sea glassing beachcombing.  Early drug bottles were produced for formulas.  Sent empty to local druggists or doctors and they had the task of filling it with dry or liquid prescription.  These bottles called apothecary-style bottles were to protect dry medicines and chemicals from moisture intrusion or oxygen exposure. 

Pei beaches sea glassing

An apothecary stopper is a great prize to a sea-glass hunter  just ask me, I’ll try and re-play my happy dance and video it for You Tube.  Truly, a great number of these bottles were made between 1850 and 1900 and mostly in clear glass.  The glass stoppers in tea drop shape were also made at that time for perfume bottles.

Beachcombing PEI

There you have it, my favourite find a bottle stopper.

blogging my bliss ~Cindy~ 

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