That’s it, the tourism season is over, “we get our lives back”, some say.  We have  an old time exhibition downtown Charlottetown called Old Home Week.  It is at the end of August and you can hear it said from many a mouth that after old Home Week we sort of roll up the sidewalks, the weather starts to cool off, tourists go home and life on an Island returns to normal.

This is Normal!!!

We feed the blue jays on a daily schedule so our B&B guests eat breakfast and all these Blue Jays are back and forth at the window in the early morning.

A rustic bird feeder feeding blue jays

M’J likes peanuts also, so we have to put the feeder higher.

shell peanuts for blue jays

The wait.

waiting on the birds

The approach.

blue jay finds the peanuts

The snatch of the peanut.  Then the surprise.

blue jays and peanuts

A peanut is tied to a piece of string and feed through the back of the feeder.  With about 10 Blue Jays about they all try and get the peanuts before the last one is left.  The last one is M’J’s as it is in her reach once the blue jay drops it.  They are so fast I didn’t get a picture of him in the attempt only the peanut.  When M’J eats the peanut, the string passes through the hole from the weight attached to the other end and the fun is over.


Roll up the sidewalks, no chance there are birds to feed yet.

Garden of birds

Thanks for stopping by. Got to run the Blue Jays are squawking it is time to feed them.

xo Grandma ~00~

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