blue lobsterTo the moon Alice! NO, instead I hear, “To the Sea Cindy.” That is where you often can find a pair of Beachcombers like myself and the French Gardener. Often between the days of May and October I’m tied with an anchor to our Bed and Breakfast taking care of vacationer’s needs. But give me a day when I can get breakfast on the table and rooms finished early and we spend our time walking the beautiful beaches of Prince Edward Island.


I am often asked where I hunt for Sea Glass from guests that frequent our B&B.  It’s no secret, it washes the shores of Prince Edward Island. beach-combing seaglass It is there for the picking, shiny, round, coloured treasures left at high tide and washing up on low tide marks.  The nature of the tide wills in what it gives to it’s beachcombers, sea glass.

beach-combing PEIAn artist needs the space between the water and the land to walk and think.  The beach provides this space and on it why not look for treasures, gems, and hunt for sea glass along the way.

The area between the high tide line and low tide gives me some of my best finds. talking beach Yesterday the sound of the ocean and the walk along the beach was just what I needed.  Walk and organize thought, I like to think of the beach as my office and the space as my work.  With the walking I did yesterday I’ve planned out the layout for the two bedrooms in our bed and breakfast that need a make-over.  They are going to end up being nautical rooms, after all why do most people come to the East Coast? Just for the sea glass hunt, lol.  Anyway if you make it this far, I’ll have a sea glass hunting map of beaches for you to try out.  These are the best beachcombing Prince Edward Island has to offer.

beachglassWhile working in my office (the beach) I came across this outstanding piece of seaglass and thought I would share it with you.


I see a wrap and I like the shape.  This piece isn’t going into the mosaic I’m planning on making.


water making its way to the oceanThis was such a good set up.  We have had rain over the past week and water is still running off.  We found a run off leading to the ocean and used it as a sluice wash, having only seconds to grab a piece of sea glass as the rushing water uncovered it and rolled it past us.

picking seaglass


The challenge was snatching the seaglass before the sluice wash opened up to the ocean and swallowed the gem only to return it another day.


seaglassWell it was fun, that is all I can say, chasing, running after pieces of seaglass as they uncovered and roll out to sea.  When they are wet, they sure do resemble mermaid’s tears.


So if you want peace go East, to Prince Edward Island where the experience of a seaglass hunt is always an adventure.  These pieces will look lovely wrapped in wire and displayed for sale, admired as trophies on a shelf in my little Island Made Gift Shop.

Next I’ll visit Sandi on her Tea Cup Tuesday all this adventure is getting my old bones aching it is almost time for tea.

Take care my friends,  xo cindy

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