Sea Glass Getaway is a short journal blogging about a seaglass beach adventure off the North and South shores of Prince Edward Island.

It didn’t take long to pack enough grub for 4 days when the French Gardener announced, “Cindy, there isn’t any B&B guests in for 4 days do you want to go beach combing?” The last of a 6 part Webinar on Social Media and business was on Wednesday from 12 noon until 1:30. We had packed the night before so it was easy to get aboard the tenament on wheels.

Go West! This time and we will explore the West Point area as it has a long beach for walking. With a printout of the tide times in hand and dash board Sally we went off on our next adventure. The French Gardener had packed the tenament on wheels so my job was to open each cupboard and see that everything I had arranged on the counter in the house had made it into a special spot. Food check, dishes check, kettle check, Skip Bo check, cribbage check, and Boggle check and where did he put all my wire wrapping gear? Hum, in a cupboard all to itself over my seat check. “We’re all set then, let the four days commence.” The drive up West was uneventful, got gas and a Tim Horton’s coffee is all. I wasn’t long taking out my sea glass and wire and putting on the recent audio book I’d downloaded the day before.

cobalt blue seaglassI looked across at Dash Board Sally and she was indicating that we were about to arrive in 5 minutes so I started to pack up my sea glass swag and put things in there place. The Tenament on wheels had come to a halt and both dogs were up and ready. It didn’t take us long to ready ourselves either as we knew the beach lay ahead. Ocean’s calm this afternoon, and we walked for about two kilometres before it had started to drizzle. I came across a colbalt blue piece of sea glass that was larger than the grains of salt we usually find in blue and felt the long walk justified our daily efforts to exercise, and decided to turn back.

A Gale had come across the ocean lifting the salty surf and I could taste it on my lips. ocean wavesWe were now Walking against the wind and the salt water was gathering on my glasses and making a greasy film on the lenses. Our treasures were few and far between in the end and I had to wonder if it was because we were walking so much faster to get back to the Wandering Tenament on wheels. Neither one of us like the smell of wet dog and especially in such a small are as our bread box we still had another couple of days to live in.

 Supper was simple, I made a beef and barley soup the day before and so it needed just heating.  Soon the overhead light needed to be turned on and we found the deck of Skip Bo and I challenged myself to at least win one game of four.

RV sitting on the cliff


Sneaking up to the drivers side I put on the parking brake after all it was windy and I couldn’t imagine this beast rolling down the hill and over the cliff we’d parked on. After fussing awhile and putting the dogs out, we said goodnight to day one and hunkered down for the night.




End of day1, Cindy


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