Well friends and family it has been almost 2 months from the time I suffered with surgery and today my French Gardener said, “Cindy! It’s time we got you out of this house and back to the beach.”   

The beach in PEI

PEI Jelly fishBending over seemed nausiating at times but I suffered through it so I could be at the beach.  There is something special about any beach in Prince Edward Island, it might be the air, the waves, the sand, or the sound of the ocean but definitively it wasn’t the jelly fish that were washing ashore or the one that got me on the back of the leg.



Sort of reminds me of an eye, don’t you think.  If you thought hard enough it
could almost be a number of things like; a cow patty we used to step in with bare feet, or a silicone breast, a sea pancake on a open beach bon fire, how about a beach frisbee, or a trick to play on your brother.


 I found a number of nice rounded nuggets today, I love the dark green sea glass pieces the best. I held them up to the light and took the pictures to get the best results.  






This nugget will make a nice drilled piece for a bracelet. I’m thinking this piece of sea glass has to be at least 35 years old to have all rounded edges like this.  Anyway, this must have been my favourite find of the day. 



Drilled Sea Glass Bracelet

 So this week has been a busy one, exciting also for only being hump day (Wednesday) but, yup a busy one.  Two ladies and a man (dad) came into the shop just the other day looking around and passing off very nice comments on my wire wrapping.  They announced that they were told they could learn how to wrap sea glass here.  

Me: Yup! did you want to try? 

The Lady: Ya, we were in Maine in a bathroom rest stop and talking to this one about where we were heading and she said, “oh, ya’ll have to go visit this lady who teaches you to wrap sea glass in her home.”  

Me: Well imagine that the bunch of you having a chat about me in a toilet in Maine of all places, now that’s a long distance referral for sure.

Here are a few wire wraps to give you the idea


My favourite piece of pink sea glass

Finally, that’s a wrap

 Stop by the shop and I’ll teach you to wrap your favourite piece of beach treasure you find.  If you didn’t find treasure don’t worry I’ll have a treasure chest full of sea glass for you to pick from. 

Happy Wrapping,


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