Eastport Maine

This is going to wrap up one of the shortest Sea Glass Odyssey’s we have ever been on.  Our ventures landed us in Eastport Maine, quaint village with a lot of history.  I recently found out that the Port in Eastport was the second busiest port in all of USA’s.  I often wonder why Eastport attracts me to her quaint hometown and I can think non other than it is an Island as PEI, it has a port, fishing and potatoes are plenty and tourism is growing.  A 4th of July celebration becomes a destination for thousands of people arriving in the ports and coming from all around.

wire wrapped sea glassThe car is set up with a portable table and I’m wire wrapping sea glass off the beaches of Prince Edward Island as we drive to our destination.  The off season days will jet by fast and soon it will be high season again,  so I try and  make use of times like driving in the car.


Beautiful Eastport Maine


I had the opportunity to make a few friends on the short stay I had in Eastport. Memories were made and mustard was bought from a shop that will stand out in my mind.  Beachcombing was on the thoughts of others while I was thinking of having a fresh pretzel with homemade mustard and my choice was “Spring Maple”  good! yes it was.  I visited Raye’s Mustard Shop for the first time and sampled about 7 of 25 handmade mustard’s with White Lightning being their 25th flavour and Sweet and Spicy being my favourite.

Eastport yellos sea glassI found myself returning the second day for a piece of sea glass that absolutely caught my eye and turned a few heads, yellow in colour and handmade by a man in town who no longer is, I had to have it and will wrap it again not for any other reason than it needs to be wrapped in silver to show it off.



The B&B had dishes of seaglass in itA true gem of a B&B was found after I battled not to pay the high price of a motel in town.  After all the motel, keeping in mind this is off-season $120 a night and not only was the town on a boil water but there wasn’t breakfast in the morning not even continental breakfast was served.  I protested and I’m sure my company wasn’t happy with me but we ended up finding a B&B full of beautiful furniture, little simple touches that just showed the extra the hostess was going to to make everyone comfortable.  Being off season I had the opportunity to pop in and out of each room and check them out, nice and I have picked out the room I’ll take when I return.  Each room had a dish of sea glass in it of different colours and shapes.

sea glass bottle stoppers This must be a beachcomber right? Yes! it was and down to the kitchen I went for some conversation and to find out where we might head for seaglass.  We always return to the ferry dock each year and seems that is the place to go.



Surprised by the amount of bottles stoppers and bottle tops I took plenty of pictures.  Then sitting on the mantle piece were doll parts, something I have only read about.  dolls arms and legsShipwrecks filled with dolls had gone down and with a storm and the right North wind will stir a doll part up to shore for someone to find.  I never found a doll part but I did find a pipe tip.  In the 1920’s when fishermen went out most often one carried a 8 1/2 inch pipe and smoked from it. When he was done he would brake off the tip and throw it overboard and the next person would use the pipe.


meet sea glass the catThis is Sea Glass I met her while she was showing off in the sun.  I couldn’t help but to sit down and stroke her a couple of times and then she followed me everywhere.  No! she was a he and tom cat of the town, seems everywhere we went over the next two days we met up with sea glass.


sea glass findsThis is our sea glass find.  I know your thinking what am I going to do with all this sea glass? I have big plans for this coloured glass.  I want to make a stand up fountain, pressing the glass into mortar and then attach copper pipe over the top and then hook the water up to it and have it flow over the top.  Have you ever seen wet sea glass? It shimmers like nothing else, when it dries it is salty and has white pucks in it from the PH of the water.

Scenery of EastportLast but not least is another scenery shot.  In fact when you look at it, it almost looks like it might not be real, but it was and I was there, made the memory and collected what the glory hole left behind.

Have you ever beachcombed? Do you have a secret spot?  I do, yup I’ve been all down the East Coast and PEI has the nicest sea glass to be found.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my holiday but prefer Prince Edward Island beaches and glass.  Thanks for stopping by my Sea Glass Odessey, let me know you were by….cindy

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